“How to Pick the Best Business Structure for Your Business, and
Why You Need to Do
It Now” . . .

I'm Attorney and Business Coach, Pam Hamilton, and I know how hard it can be to choose the right entity for your business.  Choosing the right business structure can feel like you're going through a maze. And, that feels pretty overwhelming.

But, it doesn't have to!

I can help you with that. In fact, I've helped all kinds of solopreneurs, small, and home-based business owners unravel the mystery and safely navigate the maze of business structure options to choose the perfect one for their business.

Starting June 23rd at 1:00pm ET

I will take you through the exact process I use, in plain english, to help you understand the pros and cons of each type of business entity; and then determine which one would be right for your business, where it is right now. And, how to use this same formula to adjust entities as your business  grows. Recordings  of all the sessions and workbook included.

Session One: June 23rd 

In this session we will explore each of the different types of business entities, the pros and cons to using each of them for your business structure, and why you need to have the right one for where your business is now. You will be able to ask detailed questions about each entity structure. 

Session Two: June 30th

In this session we will look at the factors that make one type of structure better than another for specific situations. I'll share examples, and give you the key indicators to determine which business entity is right for you. You will have a workbook to help you analyse your specific situation.  

Session Three: July 7th

In this last session we will do a live Q&A and practice live examples of identifying the right business structure for various companies. And, possibly even a couple of hot-seat sessions, if we have a few willing participants. 

Finally no more guessing; you will leave this workshop knowing which entity is the right one for you. 

Plus you'll be able to refer to the recordings and workbook as an ongoing reference.

We found that Pam opened our eyes on many MANY topics of our everyday business practice shortcomings. So many things that she brought to our attention were almost embarrassing to me as a business major. Within the first month we learned things that made a difference in our yesses. In the sales business, yeses are very important! The referral system she has us working on now has already brought us 4 new clients and we have barely gotten it off the ground. Even with life getting in the way, she is determined to keep us on track. She is excellent to work with. She has realistic expectations and is willing to take the time we need to make our business grow. I highly recommend her services.”

Janet Stanley
Former Editor,
Pulse Magazine, LLC

Here's What Others Have to Say.

"We have finally found someone who speaks in straight everyday language about home-based business. Thank you [Pam] for providing such relevant information to me for my business start-up.”

Linda H.,

I have been using Pam Hamilton’s services since before my company’s official inception back in 2004. Her advice and guidance has been invaluable and always on target. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a good attorney for their business.”

Arthur Huggins
Huggins Electric, Inc.

. . . Working with you [Pam] has taken what feels like a ton of weight off my shoulders. In 18 yeas I’ve never felt more confident in myself and my ability to succeed and that’s all because of you!

Sandy Bray,
Humpf Sanitation Service, LLC

Get Ready to Invest in Yourself and Your Business. It's Time to Level Up! 

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