I Help aspiring small business owners, just like you get from employee to CEO of your own successful Online company. Join the thousands of biz owners who have already benefited from my FREE biz course!

Welcome to the Workshop

       The Build-A-Biz Workshop is designed to help the aspiring  small business owner.  On the Site and through the Free Course, I offer you advice and guidance to help you start, run and grow your own profitable online small business in plain language and simple action steps you can implement  right away.

"Everyday you wake-up alive and in your right mind, is a day that you can get started changing your life for the better." 

At the Build-A-Biz Workshop You'll Find What You Need to Launch and Grow Your Business: 

  • Courses
  • Coaching
  • Resources

The Key Benefits of Working With Us

Effective Coaching 

Actionable Info and Advice 

Proven  Solutions

And Uncompromising Support for
Your Business Success!

What My Clients Say

Within the first month we learned things that made a difference in our yesses.

“. . . In the sales business, yeses are very important! The referral system she has us working on now has already brought us 4 new clients and we have barely gotten it off the ground. Even with life getting in the way, she is determined to keep us on track. She is excellent to work with. She has realistic expectations and is willing to take the time we need to make our business grow. I highly recommend her services.”

Janet Stanley,
Pulse Magazine, LLC 

“I’ve never felt more confident in myself...”

“Working with you [Pam] has taken what feels like a ton of weight off my shoulders. In 18 yeas I’ve never felt more confident in myself and my ability to succeed and that’s all because of you!”

Sandy Bray,

Humpf Sanitation Service, LLC

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